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Accelerated Learning and Christian Living For Elementary School Children In Greater New Haven Kindergarten - 4th Grade

If You Are Looking for an Extraordinary Elementary School for Your Child, You Have Found It!

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Dear Parent:

Thank you for visiting our website. We realize the decision to place your child in a private Christian elementary school, or any kind of private school, is a hard one to make. You must weigh the cost of time and money against the quality of education.

We believe the choice to go with a Christian elementary school is nothing less than a calling from God, a sacrifice He asks you to make as an investment in your child—an early investment in not only high-quality education but also high-quality exposure to life in Jesus Christ.

For this reason our Academy motto is “Accelerated Learning and Christian Living.” With no more than ten students in each class, and ample individualized attention, you can be assured your child will have the best opportunity to enter middle school well ahead of grade level. More importantly, through daily participation in lively worship and solid Bible teaching, your child will encounter our Lord Jesus Christ in a personal and saving way.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your particular situation. Make an appointment to come and see the school. We want to work with you to make your dream of a Christian education for your child a reality.

In Christ, Pastor Geoff and Blanca Little

A Christian Education

We Believe That:

    • Children are God’s gift to us.
    • Teaching is a great calling from God.
    • All children can achieve success in a positive and affirming class environment.
    • All children can be motivated to learn.
    • All children have great potential.
    • Children learn best in a peaceful, structured, and joyful environment.
    • Children naturally love to learn.
    • Children want to cooperate with adults who respect them.
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