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Accelerated Learning and Christian Living For Elementary School Children In Greater New Haven Kindergarten - 4th Grade

All Nations Christian Academy Accelerated Learning

What We Mean by "Accelerated Learning"

ac·cel·er·at·ed learn·ing(noun)
  1. an intensive method of study employing techniques that enable material to be learned in a relatively short time.
  2. a program of learning that allows certain students, especially those more academically able, to progress through school more rapidly than others

How do we do accelerated learning at All Nations?

Our small classes allow us to:
  1. Minimize transition time and address distractions
  2. Give children more opportunities for sharing, asking and answering questions, and taking individual turns in group activities. This is an ideal environment to promote the love of learning and support advanced learning.
  3. Customize lessons based on the skills sets of their students, challenging advanced students to move ahead and providing additional support to the ones who need it.
  4. Provide opportunities during the day to pursue personal interests such as creative art projects, sketches,  personal reading, and creative story-writing in journals, etc.
  5. Evaluate progress with periodic assessments to determine which skills sets need reinforcement.  Our small class size permits evaluation by personal observation, minimizing testing time and maximizing quality class time.

Combined Classes

Our classes have no more than ten students to one teacher. Smaller groupings for reading and math are designed based on the needs and skill level of the students. Children are assigned to reading groups, math groups, and classrooms based on their cognitive ability and skill level, so they will have the best possible chance of success. These groupings are often composed of children of different ages. Combined classes afford the teachers more flexibility to help the children who struggle and also challenge those who have more skills and are eager to succeed. The combinations of classes vary depending on the ages and skill levels of the children in each academic year. When it is time for your child to move to a different leveled grouping or new classroom, you will be given notice and the teachers will propose a plan for transition to the new grouping/classroom. Whether a child transfers to another classroom or another educational setting, we will work to ensure a smooth transition. Upon your written request, we will transfer your child’s records to another school.

Special Education

Our educational approach is based on small group instruction. We believe that children have the best possible opportunity to thrive academically if they are taught in a small group setting where they have frequent eye contact with their teacher, and numerous opportunities for asking questions and sharing with their peers. Teachers have plenty of opportunities to walk around the room, check the student work and provide some individual support to each student. Teachers are expected to prepare Individualized Educational Goals (IEG) for all their students. The IEGs enable teachers to effectively monitor and report student progress, as well as provide the necessary academic and social skills. While this resembles the "Special Education model," our program is not designed for children with disabilities such as autism or severe ADHD. Students with special needs are accepted are on a case-by-case basis for a probationary period of up to three months.

Teacher Qualifications

Our teachers are qualified Christian educators chosen for their genuine love for children, academic qualifications, teaching ability, and spiritual maturity. They must be faithful believers and active members of a local church (of any Christian denomination).

School Staff – L-R: Pastor Geoffrey Little; Blanca Little, Academy Director; Tara Edmundson; Gail Bruckmann; Marisa Cameron; Kamela Strickland