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Accelerated Learning and Christian Living For Elementary School Children In Greater New Haven Kindergarten - 4th Grade

Arrivals & Departures

Arrival Procedure

Arrival time is 8:00-8:15 AM. Children are considered tardy if they arrive after 8:15 AM. Students may be transported by school bus or dropped off by an adult in front of the school.

Parents are required to notify the Academy staff of any special instructions or needs for the child’s day. These special instructions include but are not limited to: Early Pick Up, Alternative Pick Up Person, health concerns and/or any general issues of concern which the Academy staff should monitor throughout the day.

Notification Of Absence

Parents are required to inform the school by 9:00 AM if a child will not be at the school on a scheduled day. If your child is ill, we request that you notify the school not only of the absence, but also of the nature of the illness. This enables our faculty to keep track of any illnesses, which may occur at our school. The Academy will take all measures necessary to protect your child’s confidentiality. Parents are not required to disclose this information by law, and your continued enrollment will not be based whatsoever on your decision to share (or not) the reason for your child’s absence from school. Parents who know in advance that a child will be late are required to notify the school by 9:00 AM.

Departure Procedure

Dismissal time is 3:30 PM. Adults picking up should wait for the children in their cars or on the sidewalk outside the front of the school.

Emergency/Alternate Pick Up Information

On the Application Form parents are expected to specify whom they will permit to pick up children at the end of a school day. It is the parent’s responsibility to revise this information as needed. If an adult who does not appear on that list comes to pick up a student, and the parent cannot be contacted, the Academy reserves the right to refuse the pick-up.

On the Application Form parents are expected to provide alternative adult contacts in the case of an emergency. It is the parent’s responsibility to revise this information as needed. In an emergency situation the child’s parents will be called first. If they cannot be reached, staff will call the persons listed on this form until someone can be reached.

The Academy reserves the right to refuse/ban any person listed on the Emergency/Alternate Contact List for any reason, including but not limited to violations of the policies/procedures contained herein. It is the responsibility of the enrolling parent(s) to inform each person on the Emergency/Alternate list of the policies/procedures contained herein.

Buses for New Haven Residents

The New Haven Public Schools System offers transportation to New Haven residents. The Academy is responsible for submitting transportation requirements to the New Haven Public Schools (NHPS) prior to the beginning of the school year. Transportation requests and updates take two to three days to be processed by the NHPS. The student's family will need to transport the child to school until a bus schedule and route is received by All Nations and communicated to the parent.